Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Kadam India is a registered Society and voluntary organisation based in Kolkata.
    Kadam India is going to set up Hastashilpi Gurukul (Craft Ashram), a learning and production centre locally to secure livelihood for women & youth in Belda where Hasta Shilpi Gurukul will organize trainings for dyeingand product development, skill upgradation, market linkages, and input modern technologies over a period of time so that the artisans achieve their desired goal. (see below for more info)
Kadam India’s project- “Setting up a Craft Ashram – Hastashilpi Gurukul” has entered a competition that is giving grants of 4 lakh. The first prize is 40 lakh (£60,000). Winners are decided by the number of votes received and a panel of judges.
Funding is an ongoing problem but that can change with YOUR help!
Please vote for Hastashilpi Gurukul by clicking on this following link. http://www.sparktherise.com/projectdetails.php?pId=7198 Click Connect through Facebook or register with your name & email address.
Don’t feel that you can’t make a difference, every little helps!
You vote could be the difference between us winning or losing.
We are working together to help artisans involved in the project earn a decent living practicing craft at their home and enjoy consistent employment, enabling them to participate in an economically viable venture. If you believe in our cause too, please give us the support we so need!
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  Hastashilpi Gurukul – Project Aspects
    Women Empowerment
The project that integrates technology, nature and people aims to tap over 400 villages in this region of West Bengal. Bamboo craft, Mat making, Pottery, Sabaii Grass, Weaving and Blacksmithery were the crafts as identified after the Field Survey. In Sabai grass craft, 100% of the artisans are female. So in that case Craft Ashram will contribute to women empowerment.
    Reverse the migration of youth
On the other hand in Mat making, 82% of the total artisans are male, in pottery and blacksmithery, all the artisans are males and 90% of the artisans involved in weaving are male so in this field the aim of the Craft Ashram is to reverse the migration of youth to urban towns and to create livelihood generation for youth.
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  For further information please see www.kadamindia.org or email info@kadamindia.org
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